DPE 100

The extraordinary DPE100 absorbs abnormal levels of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and other energies from the environment.

What this means is that interference from such things as the emerging 5G networks, smart electricity meters and overhead or underground power lines can be prevented from interfering with you and your loved ones.

Just as importantly, it prevents extreme weather events from occurring within a 2-mile radius of the DPE100 EMF Neutralizer and 200 miles high. – Whether they be hurricanes or sudden torrential downpours or hailstorms with golf ball sized hail and larger. The DPE100 may even prevent earthquakes, since these are triggered by EMF, primarily from the sun.

There is also the DPE Shield, which protects a 62-mile radius, which is suitable for a farm, a factory site, or a rural community. 

Beyond this, when sufficient of these devices have been deployed, they will act in concert to protect the planet from the impact of the rapidly declining magnetic field and other extreme events that lie in our short-term future. The DPE in the name stands for Defense of Planet Earth.

Benefits arising from the deployment of the DPE100 EMF Neutralizer


REGENERATION of the Magnetosphere at the location of the DPE 100.

REGENERATION of the Ozone layer.

DRASTIC reduction of earthquake size.

DRASTIC reduction of large meteorological phenomena such as hurricanes, torrential cloudbursts, and hailstorms.

DRAINING total electromagnetic pollution harmful to humans and animals but not to technological devices.

RESTORATION of the sky and air quality as before the industrial era.

DRASTIC reduction of Radioactivity.  DRASTIC Radon gas reduction.

Positioned along the coast, these will re-harmonize the frequencies cetaceans (whales, dolphins, etc.)  use to navigate and therefore eliminate stranding.


Nutritional values of fruit and vegetables doubled or tripled.

Healthier plants with greener foliage. DRASTIC reduction of damage in agriculture due to extraordinary meteorological phenomena.

Doubling the plants size, growth rates and their resistance to pathogens.

High yield crops with half the water and no fertilizer.

Sensitivity increase in the immune system of plants.


REDUCTION of the incidence of pathologies related to excessive microwave radiation such as leukemia, lymphomas, breast tumors, epithelial melanomas, brain tumors, changes in cell permeability, metabolism variation, changes in the glandular functions, the immune system, the central nervous system and behavior, and DNA damage. For radiated electromagnetic power density greater than 50 milliwatts/cm2: possible brain lesions, influence on cell growth, fetal malformations, internal burns, cataracts, and death from heart attack. Other non-thermal or chronic effects for intensity lower than this, which determine the thermal effects, are the variation in the number of lymphocytes and granulocytes (experiments on cells), variations in the level of antibodies and macrophage activity (experiments on animals), tachycardia, eye pain, dizziness, depression, limitation of learning ability, memory loss and hair loss.

DRASTIC reduction of stress and depression due to electrostatic charges and harmful stray energies.

GREAT improvement in sleep quality and rest.

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